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Medieval Italy, medieval and early modern women: essays in honour of Christine Meek, Conor Kostick, editor, Four Courts Press

300pp. June 2010
Catalogue Price: €55.00
Web Price: €49.50



Becoming invisible: the role of economic history in medieval studies and in the historiography on medieval Italy
George Dameron

Christine Meek and the history of Lucca
Duane Osheim

Quasi-città irredenta: Empoli (c.1100-1325)
William R. Day, Jr

The origins of the Signoria in Cremona: the family background of Boso of Dovara
Edward Coleman

Setting the prisoners free: Innocent III's papal leadership in action
Brenda Bolton

The sweet beloved and his legacy: a lawsuit for love and money from Lucca (1237)
Andreas Meyer

Debito pubblico e fiere de Champagne: un inedito documento lucchese de fine Duecento
Ignazio Del Punta

Flying across the Alps: ‘Italy' in the works of Petrarch
Jennifer Petrie

A dialogue of power: the politics of burial and commemoration in fourteenth-century Italy
William Caferro

Community and country life in late medieval Tuscany
Duane Osheim

The countryside and rural life in the fifteenth-century Lucchesia
M.E. Bratchel

Conversio and conversatio in the Life of Hercula of Epfach
I.S. Robinson

Eleanor of Aquitaine and the women of the Second Crusade
Conor Kostick

Consolation and desperation: a study of the letters of Peter of Blois in the names of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
Stephen Hanaphy

Bardic poems of consolation to bereaved Irish ladies
Katharine Simms

Lover of widows: St Jerome and female piety
Catherine Lawless

Women's experiences of war in later medieval Ireland
Gillian Kenny

Bonae litterae and female erudition in early sixteenth-century Nuremberg
Helga Robinson-Hammerstein

Important ladies and important families: Lucrezia Borgia and Caterina Cibo Varano
M. Grazia Nico Ottaviani

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