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Edizioni Parnaso

(dei volumi recensiti in SPOLIA)


International Scandinavian and Medieval Studies in Memory of Gerd Wolfgang Weber - ein runder Knäuel, so rollt' es uns leicht aus den Händen, edited by Michael Dallapiazza, Olaf Hansen, Preben Meulengracht Sørensen and Yvonne S. Bonnetain, 2001

The late Prof. Dr. Gerd Wolfgang Weber, one of the most eminent and prolific European scholars of his generation in Scandinavian and Medieval Studies, left an intellectual and academic legacy which this volume tries to reflect. His academic work, his wide-ranging erudition in the field, his seminal works which inspired colleagues and students alike, came to an early and untimely end. This volume, in memory of Gerd Wolfgang Weber, will attempt to pay respect to an internationally renowned scholar whose broad scope of interests will be reflected in the contributions to this volume, coming from both his colleagues and his friends.

The general aim and focus of this volume will be to represent the central interest of Gerd Wolfgang Weber, namely to see and practice Scandinavian and Medieval Studies as a discipline of cultural studies, deeply immersed in the effort to combine philology, philosophy and culture as a holistic enterprise.

We are confident that the essays included in this volume will echo the extensive intellectual interests which Gerd Wolfgang Weber has so succinctly represented in his own work.

The volume will present articles written by: Andersson, Theodore M. - Bagge, Sverre - Barnes, M.P. - Beck, Heinrich - Barudio, Günter - Bonnetain, Yvonne S. - Cipolla, Adele - Clunies Ross, Margaret - Dallapiazza, Michael - D'Aronco, Maria Amalia - Dillmann, François-Xavier - Ebel, Else - Ebel, Uwe - Foote, Peter - Frank, Roberta - Glauser, Jürg - Hansen, Olaf - Harris, Joseph - Hartner, Randi Agnete - Jesch, Judith - Lönnroth, Lars - Malm, Mats - Marold, Edith - Meli, Marcello - Mercatanti, Gloria Corsi - Metzner, Ernst Erich - Meulengracht Sørensen, Preben - North, Richard - Ólafía Einarsdóttir - Raschellà, Fabrizio D. - Reinhardt, Udo - Schjødt, Jens Peter - Schottmann, Hans - Sørensen, Peer E. - Steinsland Gro - Úlfar Bragason - Vésteinn Ólason

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