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SPOLIA was devised by a group of scholars who are working at different university research projects.

The site intends to provide updated information on medieval studies, but does not claim to be complete, as this would be very difficult even for a bulletin dealing exclusively with bibliographical information.

On the contrary, the contributions is characterized by their peculiarity, as reflections in the margins of the individual collaborators' research, and is strictly specialized. In this way we hope to give prominence to information which is normally less valued. We present mainly

ongoing research
reports from conventions and conferences (very often before the publication of the documents of the conventions)
book and article reviews and abstracts of dissertations.
As well as

articles which have already been published in books or journals
original contributions.
As it appears from the index, the site is divided into sections and subsections, each with a different director who will treat the spaces as open containers to host the activities of various collaborators, in order to guarantee a wealth of information as well as its continuity.

Every communication, while privileging the infomative aspect, will be accompanied by a brief critical note, to help readers better understand whether the materials presented are interesting to them and to permit an exchange of ideas on the themes proposed.

Moreover, by selecting the documents according their importance and representativeness (although our collaborators' judgement is a matter of opinion), we hope to assist the user, who, while on the Internet, is often submerged by a volume of information which is difficult to digest because it is disorganised and particularly vast.

We do not want to collect data in large amounts but to offer reasons for contact and discussion, useful for the development of the research.

Suggestions, questions and contributions to the realisation of the projects are welcome.

Teresa Nocita
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