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Courses and Seminaries of Musical Paleography at Scientific and Amatorial Level

UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pavia - Scuola di Paleografia e Filologia Musicale. Office of Cremona. Studies: -History of Medieval Music (Prof. Ropa): beginning and development of western liturgical monody, with seminaries and practical exercises, by Prof. G. Bonifacio Baroffio; -Theory and History of the Musical Notation in the Middle Age (Prof. Rosa Barezzani): to recognize, to collate and to transcribe in square notation the early musical writings of monastic scriptoria. Informations: tel. 0039-372-25575.

Pontifici Istituti di Musica Sacra (PIMS): Course of Gregorian Chant (four years; school-leaving certificate and a successful admission examination are compulsory; the latter this year had already place). Office of Rome, Via di Torre Rossa 21, tel. 0039-6-6638792; office of Ambrosiano of Milano, tel. 0039-2-89406400.

UniversitÓ degli Studi di Cassino - Scuola di Specializzazione per Conservatori di Beni Archivistici e Librari della CiviltÓ Medievale: Triennal course closed to fifteen students only (humanistical or law degree and a successful admission examination are compulsory; the latter had already place in early October). Informations: tel. 0039-776-310795. Liturgical Bibliology is one of the third year matters; in the teaching year 1995-1996 this course was unruled by Prof. Baroffio in the office of Istituto di Bibliografia Musicale di Roma (IBIMUS), with UniversitÓ di Cassino and with the Biblioteca Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II, under the name "Seminaries of Paleography and Bibliography Applied to Manuscripts of Centuries IX-XIV of Musical-Liturgical Contents". Hopefully this will be repeated this year as well. For informations tel. 0039-6-4989-536.

Comune di Norcia - Accademia di Studi Gregoriani “San Benedetto”, Prof. G. Bonifacio Baroffio: Triennal academic courses (annual examinations and final certificate) for the formation of qualified thecnicians for the research, inventoriation and cataloguing of liturgical manuscripts of italian Middle Age and Reinassance. Teachings: Liturgical Bibliology, Liturgy and Gregorian Chant; practical exercises and complementary courses of latin and informatics. Open admission for the teaching year 1996-1997. For informations: Prof. G. Bonifacio Baroffio, Scuola di Paleografia e Filologia Musicale, Corso Garibaldi 178, 26100 Cremona, Italy; Dott. Fabrizio Mastroianni, Via Casagrande 29, 05100 Terni, Italy, tel. 0039-744-300998; Dott. Fernando Martinelli, tel. 0039-744-813685. The same Accademia di Studi Gregoriani organizes summer courses (History, Liturgy, Philology and Musical Paleography, with practical exercises): For informations: Comune di Norcia, Dott. E. Testa, tel. 0039-742-828044.

Abbazia Madonna della Scala - Noci (BA): Summer Courses of Gregorian Chant teached by Prof. G. Baroffio. The study center “Novum Gaudium”, directed by father Anselmo Susca, organized for the eigth consecutive year the summer course of Ancient Liturgical Chant (17-24 August 1996). Teachings: Liturgy, Gregorian Aesthetic, Semiology, Introduction to the Gregorian Modes, Latin Paleography, Square Notation, Byzantine Chant, Choir Practics and Vocal Technic. Informations: tel. 0039-80-8975838, fax 0039-80-8975839.

Cecilia Meluzzi - (Coop. INCIPIT)

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