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BMB. Bibliografia dei manoscritti in scrittura beneventana

On July 1996 was issued the fourth volume of BMB. Bibliografia dei manoscritti in scrittura beneventana, Roma, Viella, 1996. The works' aim is to provide an annual extensive and detailed bibliographical information related to beneventan manuscripts. An expert group, leaded and coordinated by Prof. M. Palma, working and studying at Scuola di Specializzazione per conservatori di beni archivistici e librari della civiltÓ monastica dell'UniversitÓ degli Studi di Cassino, is the author of the bibliography.
It consists of three sections:
- the complete list of the known beneventan manuscripts and related abbreviations. Fragments and codexes, having only scriptio inferior or marginal notes in beneventan scripts are included in the list;
- abbreviated bibliography taken from reviews and monographs published since 1990, assembled on the basis of the codexes abbreviations and in chronological order. For every entry a short abstract, explaining why and how the codex is mentioned, is provided;
- list of bibliographical abbreviations and their resolution.
The volume contains also an introduction providing a short description of the latest findings which will be included in the next issues as soon as more detailed information will be available.
In the next future the whole bibliography will be available also on CD-ROM.

Elisabetta Caldelli (Coop. Incipit)

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