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Welcome in the medieval music page of our site.
I am responsible of this issue, my name is Alessandro Annunziata, I am musicologist and composer. I am not especially and uniquely interested in medieval music. That is why I would present this argument as a chapter of the general history of music and I will not deal with technical problems only. I hope that you, specialists and lovers of medieval music, will help me to overcome this handicap: I am waiting for your contributions through the Internet! This page of medieval music will be based on the following topics:

  • disks, cassettes and compact disks review
  • books and essays review
  • infomations about congresses and meetings
  • publication of writings and essays of other people

The pourpose that this medieval music page wants to reach is that of setting up a system of free communications, open to anybody that might be interested, so part of this pourpose will be fulfilled if you will use this space, our space, as an open meeting point.

We shall inform you, in the run, about our projects and ideas.

Alessandro Annunziata

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