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The section on Old French aims at encompassing everything that is legitimately considered pertinent to the subject, from the history of the language to the literature in particular fields, e.g. medieval culture in French produced in England. However, we do not think that SPOLIA need emulate any of the eight existing bibliographical indexes. Rather, we would like to disseminate information of a qualitatively important nature.
Scientific works of all types (from studies to text abstracts) will be chosen on the basis of the importance and also the innovative value that they can offer, both from the point of view of methodology and the acquisition of data.
We will also provide updates on the current principal research work we know about, in order to encourage contact between specialists in the field.

Anyone wishing to participate by submitting suggestions, advice and pieces of information on topics relevant to the field of study is invited to do so, because we would like our work to be a focal point for contributions and variously directed information, a sort of work site that provides a meeting place for scholars.

Attilio Castellucci, Gioia Paradisi

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