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New Publications

Among the most interesting new publications:
B. Laughlin, The Aristotle adventure: a guide to the Greek, Arabic, and Latin scholars who transmitted Aristotle's logic to the Renaissance, Fleggstaff, Hale, 1995, 243 pp.
Jean R. Michot translates the al-Risâla al-Qubrusiyya of Ibn Taymiyya: Ibn Taymiyya, Lettre à un roi croisé, traduction de l'arabe, introduction, notes et lexique par Jean R. Michot, Louvain-la-Neuve-Lyon, Bruylant-Academia (Sagesse musulmanes, 2), 1995, pp. 349 (from p. 345 to p. 316 arabic text)
A. de Muralt, Néoplatonisme et aristotélisme dans la métaphysique médievale. Analogie, causalité et participation, Paris, Vrin, 1995
Fadlou Shehadi, Philosophy of music in Medieval Islam, Leiden, Brill, 1995 (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 67), 175 pp.; [This surveys the philosophies of music of the most important thinkers in Islam between the 9th and the 15th centuries A.D. The book traces the influence of Greek, in particular Pythagorean and Aristoxenian)
M. Zonta, La filosofia antica nel medioevo ebraico, Brescia, Paideia, 1996 (an important section of the book traces the outlines of the influence of arabic translators and thinkers on the jewish philosophy);

For further information: Dominique Urvoy, "Chronique de philosophie arabe et islamique", Revue Thomiste, 1996 (96) 1, pp.129-146.

Olga Lizzini

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