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MEDIAEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY: a web site of the Department of Archaeology and Art History of the University of Siena

We would like to inform you that we finished updating our web site concerning the area of MEDIAEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY of the Department of Archaeology and Art History of the University of Siena. The whole site is made up of more than 500 pages containing detailed description of 11 excavations (look especially at the Poggio Imperiale project and the Rocca San Silvestro project with sections on human skeletal remains, archeozoology, dark age village, archaeological park, aerial photograps, etc.) and two landscape projects; you can also find information on all our activities (especially about computer science applied to archaeology) and a large section of links (around 450 in number) focused on Mediaeval Archaeology. The site is updated weekly and contains lots of pictures, movies, 3D reconsctructions, QTVR’s, sounds, etc.; it’s in italian, but we plan to have an english version within this summer. Since we are sure that there are no other similar resources concerning Mediaeval Archaeology on the web, we would be very pleased if you could put our homepage (or the homepages of the single research projects) in your links, in order to gain the visibility it really deserves. Best Regards

Prof. Marco Valenti

Marco Valenti (Lecturer)
Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti - UniversitÓ di Siena
Via Roma, 56
53100 - Siena
Email: valenmar@unisi.it
Phone: +39-577-233677


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