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Centro Italiano di studi sull' alto Medioevo di Spoleto. XLVI Settimana di studio. Ideologie e pratiche del reimpiego nell' alto Medioevo, (Spoleto, Palazzo Ancaiani, 16th-21th April 1998. The "Settimana di studi-1998" is about the reuse in all its meanings)

The lessons with an archaeological approach are:

-April 16th
11.00 Arnold Esch Reimpiego dell' antico nel medioevo: la prospettiva dell' archeologo, la prospettiva dello storico
-April 19th
10.15 Letizia Ermini Pani, La "riconquista" dell' altura nell' altomedioevo"
11 Gisella Cantino Wataghin, ...ut haec aedes Christo Domino in Ecclesiam consecretur. Il riuso di edifici antichi tra tarda antichità e alto medioevo
16 Patrick Perin, Objets mobiliers, modes vestimentaires et coutumes funéraires en Gaule mérovingienne:les survivances antiques
16.45 Michael Greenhalgh, Reimpiego di materiali antichi in Turchia e Africa

-April 20th
9.30: William Tronzo, Il riuso dell' antico nell' arte medievale
16.45 Anthony Cutler, Instabilitas Rerum:toward a theory of reuse in the Medieval world

-April 21st
9.30: Silvia Lusuardi Siena, Il riuso di oggetti quotidiani e di piccoli preziosi nell' altomedioevo

P.S.: The Centre makes available 15 scholarships to be granted to young Italian post-graduate students with a specific interest in early medieval studies and who deserve therefore to be encouraged to attend the Settimana di Studi. 15 further scholarships are also available for foreign graduate students. The deadline for applying is 15 February 1998. Applications should be addressed to the President of the Centre -Palazzo Ancaiani, 06049 Spoleto (PG)-, together with the following documents: Universty degree; a statement by an university professor or by a qualified scholar indicating the applicant's specific interest for the course; curriculum of previous studies; publications and other qualifications.

Valeria Beolchini

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