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Review of the conference"The castels of Valdelsa: history and archaeology".

On the 12th of April 1997, at Gambassi Terme -in province of Florence-, there was a conference about the castels in Valdelsa, territory where is situated Gambassi.

Five relators spoke about historical (A. Duccini, F. Salvestrini, O. Muzzi, P. Pirillo) and archaeological (M. Valenti) aspects of this matter. They illustrated different situations of city/village (Poggibonsi, Gambassi, Colle Valdelsa) or territories (Valdelsa, territory among Montaione and San Miniato). The more numerous part of contributions was about late medieval period.

In the introduction at the conference, I. Moretti and R. Francovich undelined the importance of the Valdelsa in this kind of studies and the importance to deepen the search about the initial phase of "incastellamento". Moreover, they whished that, to know better this theme, it should be possible to compare the historic model with the archaeological one.

Francesca Zagari

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